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How are we going to make a difference?

Junk Weavers runs Master Classes every month so you can develop your skills, there is also a weekly session in Cairns to keep you motivated and learning. We also travel so if you have a group of friends who want to join up together it may be possible for us to travel to you and run some sessions. If you join you will have access to lots of help and a special members only Facebook Page with detailed training videos so you can develop you skills even if you are remote. Residential workshops are also run, contact us today and get involved.

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Huge amounts of plastics are washed into the oceans, concentrated by rotating currents (‘gyres’) into rafts of rubbish. It has been estimated that over 5 trillion particles of plastic weighing more than 260 thousand tons are currently floating in the oceans killing our wildlife.

We weave, its fun. It’s for everyone.
Why don’t you try it too. Nothing the same, Educations our aim. Weaving, Is it for you?

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WE can make a difference

One tree can start a forest
One smile can begin a friendship
One hand can lift a soul
One word can frame the goal
One candle can wipe out darkness
One laugh can conquer gloom
One hope can raise your spirits
One touch can show you care
One life can make a difference

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