We Are The Junk Weavers

Saving the Planet One Wraper At A Time!

We talk garbage!!!! The Junk Weavers Inc is a small community, not for profit organisation which promotes mass action of individual recycling efforts through craft.

Where-ever we are in the world, when women recycle together, our mass action of home-based effort improves our environment.

The Junk Weavers mission is to be a World Wide Leader teaching Recycled Craft.

The Junk Weavers Organisation






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Junk Weavers Members

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Creative women

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Michelle McIntyre


Affiliated with the Junk Wave since 2010 which evolved into the Junk Weavers Inc Vice President of the Junk Weavers Inc 2016-2017 President Junk Weavers Inc 2017-2018 Highly experienced Public Speaker – guest speaker at Rotary functions in Canada and Australia, Cross-Border Crime Conference in both PNG and Cairns and a number of Government presentations as the Director of Cairns and Cape Communities, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

* Run Masterclasses on How to make coin purses, coffee bag bowls, flat bottoms for bags and rolled magazine/newspaper bowls

* Ran three workshops in Cooktown for the Rangers sponsored by Cooktown Regional Council * Run workshop in Cooktown sponsored by My Pathways.

* Ran workshop for St Theresa’s OHSC for 70 children aged 5 to 12

* Workshops at ECOFiesta

* Bluecard

* Advance Diploma in Government

* Graduate Diploma in Legal and Justice

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Fran Welsh with two other committee members

Tresurer and Secretary

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This Is What We Love To Do


Enable mass action of individual recycling through craft.
Preserve the wider global environment through sustainable craft.
Educate the community about recycling.
Empower individuals to grow and develop themselves sustainably within their local and global environment or micro recycled craft business.


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We make a difference by collecting rubbish which would normally end up in landfill. It doesn't sound like much but one person that recycles plastic could potentially save a turtles life, or maybe even a bird.

We try to minimise the amount of plastic that we put into our environment.
We want to not only save our ecosystem but also save lives of innocent animals that suffer the consequences of our waste.
So as an organisation we believe it starts with one. Just one person recycling or re-using from their kitchen rubbish every day. One small step……..

Join our group now for $ 55 per year and save the planet one wrapper at a time!

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